Lockwood Ventures (LV) is a Jersey based, Alternative Investment Manager and Introducer. The principle business of LV will be to introduce investment opportunities to its clients – namely Private Equity, Venture, Property and Finance. The clients of LV shall be Sophisticated or Professional Investors – namely, Family Office, Sovereign Wealth and Hedge Funds. They are all established clients of Lockwood Executive Search (our sister company)

All investment opportunities will be vetted by the Investment Manager (LV) and presented to the client – for their due diligence and sign off. LV will take a fee via income or equity (or a combination of both) from either the client or the investment opportunity. We may receive a “finders fee” from the client; alternatively, we will benefit from a pre agreed fee arrangement from the entity seeking funding.

Opportunities will be mainland Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA and Canada – with final sign off being from the LV CEO


Lockwood Group is a leading consultancy dedicated to the investment management industry with offices in Jersey Channel Islands, Hong Kong, New York and London.
For general inquiries, please contact us at info@lockwoodes.com.