We at Lockwood Executive Search feel that every hire is unique and as such apply a rigorous search process to make sure that each project will be successful.

Outlined below are the stages that we follow. We look forward to discussing further.

  • Client history and overview
  • Proposed hiring team
  • Situation and rationale for the hire
  • Cultural and team considerations
  • Reporting line and team structure
  • Client expectations, on us (LES)

  • Agree on position description
  • Key attributes and desired experience
  • Qualifications
  • Critical 1, 2, 3 year performance objectives of the role
  • Proposed compensation structure
  • Target Firms from which to source candidates (LES will always provide an initial list)

  • We conduct an A-Z search of the Target Firms to identify the best in class candidates
  • We conduct informal market references to establish who the smart headhunt
  • Once we establish the best pick at each firm, we place a targeted headhunt call on the client’s behalf
  • Until we establish the fit and interest level of the candidate the client’s name is not mentioned

  • We assess the candidates interest level against the position and critically determine fit
  • We conduct an extensive interview while mapping the candidates skill-set against the position requirements
  • We develop a Short-list of candidates to present to the client

  • We send a full update report to the client, to include our Long and Short-listed candidates
  • We provide full written assessment and compensation report for each short-listed candidate
  • We always verify the academic qualifications of all our Short-listed candidates

  • We assign a dedicated project coordinator for each search to help with feedback and scheduling
  • We make sure to fully understand what drives each candidate’s decision to move firms
  • We work hard to keep candidates warm and informed throughout the process
  • We fully prepare clients and candidates prior to interviews
  • Client decides on a select group of finalist candidates

  • Once the client has selected a finalist candidate, we conduct extensive formal referencing on the client behalf
  • Through our formal referencing, we continue to assess the candidate’s fit for the role
  • A full summary and reference report is sent to the client
  • We help with any compensation negotiations and communicate to both sides

  • A client satisfaction survey is conducted by our team where we take the clients feedback
  • 2 weeks from start date, we meet the candidate to make sure they have settled into their new role
  • 3 months in post the candidate’s start date, we check in and pass on any critical feedback to both parties

Lockwood is a leading global search firm with offices in Jersey Channel Islands, Hong Kong, New York and London.
For general inquiries, please contact us at info@lockwoodes.com.